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9th-Nov-2007 07:43 pm - I'm a meme thief!
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Ah, too much has been going on lately- I can't even really say anything coherent!

Mostly, I'm just very very happy for certain friends of mine. <3

Also, of course, I'm wildly in love with the enchanted princess of my dreams. *blows kisses to his Queen of Hearts*

Work has been insane, but despite it, I met lots of cool people. CHOUJI! We need to hang out more, I want to cook with you!

Sasuke, we never seem to talk anymore.. do you hate me or something? *confused face*

Anyways, I have ages and ages of work to do on sunday... but saturday I'm free! Anybody want to hang out?

To close friends onlyCollapse )
I'm not sure if I can say why exactly yet.. but..

I'm really really happy.

I made a mistake before, and I asked for forgiveness, and I got it.

And then something wonderful happened.

Everything is back on track again, I think <3 , despite me still being strange beyond all recognition..

Thank god, for second chances- in life and love and everything.

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13th-Oct-2007 12:22 pm(no subject)
Private to selfCollapse )

I'm going to be pretty busy with work soon unfortunately! I accidentally went up and signed myself up for way too many shifts, so I'm gonna' be working around the clock!

Try not to miss me too much okay? <3

I'm sorry for everything.
12th-Oct-2007 09:20 pm - *Sigh*
I mess everything up.

Gotta fix myself.

I'll figure it out.
5th-Oct-2007 11:36 am - Going away tomorrow!
*Sighs and fiddles nervously with his hat* So, I'm going away tomorrow for my work trip..

I'm totally nervous..what If I screw up? My DREAMS are at stake here!

I'm TOTALLY going to be FINE. I'll AMAZE my boss' family and be SURE to be promoted to assistant chef!!!

There's absolutely.. a huge amount of ...no pressure!

ugh.. *hides in his hands* What if I screw up?

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Private to Hinata:Collapse )

..*flails* I'm gonna miss my own freakin' BIRTHDAY! How is this possible!? *sigh* Not like it's a total big deal but..

Anybody wanna do something for it when I get back?

If you're busy, I understand.


- Naruto
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