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The Fox

And the Grapes

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Uzumaki Naruto!

Age: 15
Birthdate: October 10th!
Grade: Sophmore
Occupation: Part-time worker at "Noodelicious" ramenbar
"Family": Umino Iruka

Likes: Dressing up, hanging with friends, getting noticed, being important, school (as long as it's not math) , eating ramen, buying ramen, making ramen......... and ramen in general I guess. Going for walks with my mp3 player turned up at night.. being with Iruka. Warm sunny weather! Cats.

Doesn't like: Annoying bastards (You know who you are, and you get on my nerves all the time! God!), pessimistic people, cloudy days, storms, when people ignore me... people putting me down because I don't have "real" family.

Uzumaki naruto for the rpg tokyo_culture tokyo_ooc
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being important, being with iruka, buying ramen, dressing up, eating ramen, getting noticed, hanging with friends, karaoke houses and cats., making ramen, ramen in general, school